Billie Eilish - all the good girls go to hell (Live From The American Music Awards/2019)


Listen to “everything i wanted”:

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    KÂRØLÃ8 часов назад

    I don't speak English but I'm translating it ahahah I LOVE YOU BILLIE🖤💚/ No hablo ingles lo estoy traduciendo ajajaj TE AMO BILLIE 🖤💚

  • Abhishek Shetty
    Abhishek Shetty10 часов назад

    What kind of headspin was that!

  • blue dragon 88
    blue dragon 8818 часов назад

    I love Billie elish she is so good at singing

  • Nurshidah Ali
    Nurshidah AliДень назад

    In love with this girl😍


    Hotter than hell !fantastic rendition!

  • Gojo satoru
    Gojo satoruДень назад


  • roblox lover
    roblox loverДень назад

    i a uor biggest fan i wish i can see you in a cornsent soon

  • Storm Oortman
    Storm OortmanДень назад

    One month later COVID 19 joined us. Now Summer 2021 IT IS STILL HERE 😁🤯🥵🤡

  • Manny Bee
    Manny Bee2 дня назад

  • gamerboypro
    gamerboypro3 дня назад

    I hate you like rat

  • gamerboypro


    3 дня назад

    Because I want to say like that foe billy elesh

  • Faith Glover

    Faith Glover

    3 дня назад

    Why are you even here then? Don’t spread hate just keep the hateful comments to yourself.

  • Paula Gomes
    Paula Gomes3 дня назад❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Billie Eilisُh
    Billie Eilisُh3 дня назад

    all the good girl go to hell 🔥

  • Sofia Silva Bührer
    Sofia Silva Bührer3 дня назад

    minha segunda performance ao vivo preferida ❤️🇧🇷

  • Nurin miranda
    Nurin miranda4 дня назад

    Lizzo be like

  • Sofia Sofia
    Sofia Sofia4 дня назад

    My dad likes this song. :D

  • DJ Sunny
    DJ Sunny4 дня назад

    1:30-1:33 It looks like she done snap, crackle, pop

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson4 дня назад


  • Nora Flickinger
    Nora Flickinger4 дня назад

    it awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer5 дней назад

    Lizzo loves it

  • hamouda samir
    hamouda samir5 дней назад

    i hate you

  • hamouda samir
    hamouda samir5 дней назад

    im not a fan im not a fan forever

  • hamouda samir
    hamouda samir5 дней назад

    and how you famous like this

  • hamouda samir
    hamouda samir5 дней назад

    you suck

  • Amaris Gonzalez
    Amaris Gonzalez5 дней назад

    A gift from God are you kidding me this girl has Satan all over her!!

  • binod
    binod5 дней назад

    1:29 gets me every fkn time

  • Hydranbeelyn
    Hydranbeelyn5 дней назад


  • Men In Gaming
    Men In Gaming6 дней назад

    *This is cancer!* Today we have Millionaires/Billionaires Musicians, Actors, Politicians that do not bring anything better in life or on Earth! Only if we could have 10 more Elon Musks we would be on 5 different Planets right now!

  • Twig TWK
    Twig TWK6 дней назад

    Spectre spectral entertainment, where is the actual talent?

  • Adrian Arocha
    Adrian Arocha6 дней назад

    hi sorry

  • سيارات SRT
    سيارات SRT7 дней назад


  • Juan Tapia
    Juan Tapia7 дней назад

    Can you tell the crowd to keep it down. I cant hear the lyrics.

  • Valentina
    Valentina7 дней назад

    0:10 "i love you Billie"

  • Breault Girls
    Breault Girls7 дней назад

    I am biggest Billie fan🥰😊

  • Joshua Suh
    Joshua Suh8 дней назад

    great live performance

  • Always_Billie
    Always_Billie8 дней назад

    i love billie so so so so so so much

  • josh Q
    josh Q8 дней назад

    ur dad whas there bellie

  • Ian Fallas
    Ian Fallas8 дней назад


  • YIN
    YIN8 дней назад

    2:11 I can't stop repeating it

  • Luis Fer Alonzo
    Luis Fer Alonzo9 дней назад

    I'm not a fan of Billie but 1:29 is badass.

  • Breault Girls
    Breault Girls9 дней назад

    Go girl you are my idol😍🥰😊

  • Wevilly Fernandes
    Wevilly Fernandes9 дней назад


  • Amanda Olea
    Amanda Olea9 дней назад

    lizzo mi mood

  • ashleiiy
    ashleiiy10 дней назад


  • Treasure Roberts
    Treasure Roberts10 дней назад

    For GOD so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son, that's whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16. Repent for the KINGDOM of GOD is at hand. JESUS is returning!

  • eleanor e

    eleanor e

    8 дней назад

    No he's not

  • Gg A
    Gg A10 дней назад


  • T S
    T S10 дней назад

    those suggestions at the end hiding her smile always pisses me off 😑

  • Kahkasha Siddiqui
    Kahkasha Siddiqui10 дней назад

    She is demonic ,evil and illuminati 😏

  • Sajida Baloch
    Sajida Baloch11 дней назад

    Why was the girl who made the song havana there

  • Victor Lopez
    Victor Lopez11 дней назад

    Mmm bili cosiert mm an mexico you dreams plis tidhj

  • Victor Lopez
    Victor Lopez11 дней назад

    Omg love what you dreams ywno djjdo ujdj okey Trak

  • Maria Barbosa barbosa
    Maria Barbosa barbosa11 дней назад

    Finnes and Billie "Sorry if I misspelled his name") I think the two are as cute as- brothers and duo 💜❤️❤️

  • edita valaite
    edita valaite11 дней назад

    I love her clotes!

  • poco
    poco11 дней назад


  • off gioo
    off gioo11 дней назад


  • Rider Riding
    Rider Riding12 дней назад

    heaven out of site, the devil at her site? rofl this songs are the best, is the water rising already = ) our help no i just need you nobody else come to me

  • vincenzo Giambanco
    vincenzo Giambanco12 дней назад

    I am sorry baby I love you so much kisses baby

  • coward bayou
    coward bayou13 дней назад

    the screaming crowd is not that annoying but rather hilarious to me

  • Jared Linger
    Jared Linger13 дней назад

    I hope ill see you in vegas

  • izune chan
    izune chan13 дней назад

    i'm from Brazil and i love this song thanks for this in our lives

  • dean fire
    dean fire14 дней назад

    1:33 you fuck .l. 💩😠

  • vincenzo Giambanco
    vincenzo Giambanco14 дней назад

    The music I made is historic like jimi hendrix music is going to be changed forever.

  • vincenzo Giambanco
    vincenzo Giambanco14 дней назад

    Ok so you don't want me, whatever girl get's me I am going to make sure she has the world and true love. I offered it to you. it's your choice. I am still offering you true love. If not I will not stop until I get it. Because I deserve it. Thank you.

  • Kristina Peric
    Kristina Peric14 дней назад

    A sta marko radi

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela14 дней назад

    Billie cantando muy normal pero Finneas muriendose de calor xdd

  • Saffana Sami
    Saffana Sami14 дней назад

    no one is gonna talk about how adorable shawn and camilla look ?

  • jenevadavid
    jenevadavid14 дней назад

    Billie: U have friends but cant invite them Me: yep that's civic right there

  • jenevadavid


    14 дней назад

    Edit:I meant covid

  • Mahveen Usman
    Mahveen Usman15 дней назад

    Who just saw Shawn mendes

  • Fadhly Ramadhani
    Fadhly Ramadhani15 дней назад

    my god

  • Calistablox
    Calistablox16 дней назад

    Billie is the best

  • sabiya gull
    sabiya gull16 дней назад

    I love you Billie

  • N1ghtMare_MeMe 29
    N1ghtMare_MeMe 2916 дней назад

    What teacher think we’re going to sing like 0:25 Reality: 2:25

  • Xilena Pardo
    Xilena Pardo16 дней назад

    I love You Billie💕💕🧡

  • Ella McNulty
    Ella McNulty16 дней назад

    she doesn't need any dancers she need finneas and his guitar

  • Somila Bokwe
    Somila Bokwe16 дней назад

    Hi my name is Somila i like your video and song nice and cool 😎😎😎😂😃😎😍and i am a fan and i have R8000$😎😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑

  • 綠度母
    綠度母17 дней назад

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  • Angie Lorena Díaz Villa

    Angie Lorena Díaz Villa

    12 дней назад


  • Anderson Salvatore
    Anderson Salvatore17 дней назад

    Lizzo kkkkkk pegando fogo

  • Nissi Vlogs
    Nissi Vlogs18 дней назад

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  • Shook Queen
    Shook Queen18 дней назад

    i just realized as much as i love her i don’t think i’d wanna go to a concert if there’s gonna be annoying ass bitches like that

  • Nilufer Butun
    Nilufer Butun18 дней назад

    🖤 I LOVE YOU BİLLİE my years is 10 you fan :) 🥺😢❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

  • krish Varma
    krish Varma18 дней назад

    How can 30k people disliker her perfomance She has angelic voice❤️

  • Krish Verma
    Krish Verma18 дней назад

    How can people dislike her perfomence . She is gorgeous singer i have ever seen 😍

  • ME LJ
    ME LJ19 дней назад


  • Darya Banihashemy
    Darya Banihashemy19 дней назад

    I need her omg

  • Emily Andrew
    Emily Andrew19 дней назад

    Love u

  • Koshevoy Leon
    Koshevoy Leon19 дней назад

    Billie so pretty 🤩

  • Folio Tiger
    Folio Tiger19 дней назад


    NORA SHACKLEFORD19 дней назад

    Anyone else see Heidi from AGT??



    19 дней назад

    She’s behinds Lizzo...

  • Xerneas
    Xerneas20 дней назад

    2:31 im the only who hear Finneas yelling :)

  • Makaloy Jr
    Makaloy Jr20 дней назад

    2:31 I love Finneas

  • Mia Jones-Frank
    Mia Jones-Frank20 дней назад

    was that one of the judges from America’s got talent behind Lizzo at 1:33??

  • Taylor Adams
    Taylor Adams20 дней назад

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  • Jade Diggory
    Jade Diggory20 дней назад

    I wove you Billie is so cute

  • Upė Vitulskaitė
    Upė Vitulskaitė21 день назад

    It would be perfect if she would sing a little bit more louder!!!❤️ but I’m not hating I love her!🤍🌸

  • BLUE
    BLUE21 день назад

    Lizzo, Camilla cabello, Shawn mendes

  • Taylor Adams
    Taylor Adams21 день назад

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  • Christopher Celeste
    Christopher Celeste21 день назад

    LOL WTF!??

  • Vndi Andi
    Vndi Andi21 день назад

    It's the annoying look from the girl in the background at 1:17 for me.

  • Miamie Appang
    Miamie Appang21 день назад

    I love you billie

  • Tatiana Valencia Herrera
    Tatiana Valencia Herrera22 дня назад

    Finneas and Billie💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💖💖💖💖💖

  • Carmencita Paz
    Carmencita Paz22 дня назад

    hermosa cansion